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Notable Sales: Matching the most sought-after musicians with rare masterpieces

Photo: Violin By Giovanni Battista Ceruti, Cremona, C.1795, Violin By Matteo Goffriller, Venice, C. 1720, Violin By Pietro Giacomo Rogeri, Brescia, C.1715.

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"When I met the Amorim family for the first time in Cremona I felt a big trust from the start. They helped me to find my top level instrument with patience and professionalism. I appreciate the close collaboration which I can only recommend especially for those who are in the middle of the process to find their own Instrument. I bought a wonderful violin by Matteo Goffriller in the Amorim Workshop in Cremona."

Julian Fahrner

Concertmaster, plays on a violin by Matteo Goffriller, Venice, c.1720

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Impeccable workmanship, refined finish and deep, rich sound.

Luiz Amorim’s violins, cellos and violas are hand crafted to meet the needs and expectations of any musician.

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"The instrument (Luiz Amorim copy of Montagnana) not only brings a lot of warmth, but also bass support and clarity to the sound. It gives some kind of personal singing voice to the music and is something special to work with."

Daniel Müller-Schott


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Timeless masterpieces and note-perfect replicas from Luiz Amorim

Read more about how Luiz crafts new instruments comparable to the noblest old Italian masterpieces.

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"The violin that I have just purchased from Luiz is without question the best copy of a Guarneri “del Gesù” that I have put under my chin. It is responsive, big and beautiful sounding all in one. As you probably know, I used to play on the original Sainton “del Gesù” and it is no less commanding. In fact, the varnish is even more beautiful than the original."

Elmar Oliveira


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Professional Musical Instruments

Crafted by some of the best old and new makers, our extensive library of violins, violas and cellos are available to purchase. Our collection embodies quality of workmanship, as well as a refined finish and sound – essential qualities when finding the instrument to compliment your music.

We advise collectors and investors on the finest violins to invest in, as well as managing some of the most prestigious violin sales. Collectively, our client list includes a variety of international and professional musicians.

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Discover your perfect instrument with Mio Cannone Violini

The online instrument gallery with the world’s most elite makers

We are delighted to announce the launch of our revolutionary online platform, Mio Cannone Violini, allowing you to browse instruments from the world’s finest makers, collaborate with Amorim experts and unite with your perfect violin or bow. From well-established luthiers to new, emerging talent, the makers featured on Mio Cannone Violini are creators of some of the most desirable and captivating instruments of today.



With a commitment to obtain the highest quality of workmanship, Luiz produces baroque and modern violins, violas and cellos as well as copies that are identical to classic world-known makers. Highly esteemed musicians consider their Luiz Amorim instruments are brilliantly unique, each exuding a deeply powerful sound with a sweet tone and rich harmonics.

Constructed from sheer knowledge and expertise, integral to the calibre of these instruments is the traditional wood, with every varnish developed within the Italian workshop. Each instrument is created to produce a mature, powerful, deep and enriching sound with an undoubtedly impeccable appearance.

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Handmade in a machine made world

Restoration and Adjustment

Amorim Fine Violins provide an adjustment, repair and restoration service applicable to violins, violas, cellos and double basses. Our specialist restorers apply their curated finesse to preserve and restore your instrument in the most delicate manner, offering an array of services. Whether it is a simple exchange of strings or a deeper restoration of a rare instrument, our specialists will utilise their expertise to maintain the originality and integrity of the instrument. With experience of over 4,000 restored and adjusted instruments such as Stradivari and Guadagnini, contact us to request a quote.

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Luiz Amorim

Bringing Brazilian flair to the Italian cradle of violin making, at the heart of Amorim Fine Violins is its founder, Luiz Amorim. Inspired by the desire to transform materials with his bare hands, integral to Luiz artistry is his sensitive eye for the contour and texture of nature. As a result of his highly successful career, Luiz collaborated with his partners to open his Italian workshop in 2018.

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