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Betina Schreiner
Betina Schreiner Co-founder

From a young age the world of art permeated the life of Betina Schreiner through the practice of painting in ceramics and porcelain. At the age of 13, she entered at the School of Arts of the Alfredo Andersen Museum in Curitiba in the practice of Drawing, Painting and Art History. In the same time she took lessons in folk guitar and flute. In 1987, she started Arts – Drawing, Painting and Sculpture – at the State School of Music and Fine Arts and Psychology at the Federal University of Paraná. In 1994 she started singing in some popular groups and in the Conservatory of Popular Music of Curitiba. In 2001 she founded, in partnership with Luiz Amorim, the Liuteria Luiz Amorim. Since then, she works in the areas of administration and restoration of instruments.

Luan Amorim
Luan Amorim Co-founder & COO

Born in Curitiba, Brazil, in 1992, Luan Amorim was always inspired by the environment in which he grew up, developing his artistic side through manual work and music. In 2010, Luan began his studies in Industrial Design at Positivo University focused in Drawing, Art History, and Product Development. In the same year, Luan started to work at Liuteria Luiz Amorim as a violin maker apprentice, adjusting, restoring and making violins. In 2012, Luan initiated Manufacturing Engineering at the Positivo University. As a dissertation, developed a study to integrate the Manufacturing Engineering precepts to the handmade violin making process of Liuteria Luiz Amorim. Since then, Luan is responsible for managing, implementing new business strategies and ensuring that all the products of the company are delivered effectively. In 2018, as a result of the company’s growth, Luan was named partner of Liuteria Luiz Amorim that, a few months later, became Amorim Fine Violins Cremona, with headquarters in Brazil and Italy.

Gaian Amorim
Gaian Amorim Co-founder and Violin Maker

Gaian Amorim grew up in a violin making atelier, spending much of his childhood playing with wood and small tools and very early on developing aptitude, skill and passion for this field. At age of five, he began his studies of flute and at eight violin studies, also participating in the Suzuki Orchestra of Curitiba. He built his first violin at age 15 and since then, along with his father and master, Luiz Amorim, continues to evolve and improve his making. In addition to the restoration of instruments that has been developed since the age of 11. In addition to his academic studies in Foreign Trade at Positivo University, he did courses in drawing and painting, studied violin making at the Academia Cremonensis, worked alongside Filippo Fasser and has been strengthening his work through participation in competitions, workshops and exhibitions around the world.