Introducing bows by AMORIM&RIBEIRO

25 November 2030

World-renowned luthier Luiz Amorim and fine bow maker José Ribeiro have collaborated to create AMORIM&RIBEIRO bows. With a collective luthier experience of over 50 years, this exciting partnership will see the creation of exquisite bows with unmatched quality.

José Ribeiro

Originally from Brazil, José was inspired by his uncle and teacher, Floriano Schaefer. Floriano is notorious as one of the first Brazilian makers, and it was in his workshop that José began his bow making career with an apprenticeship in 1988.

Known for his high-quality bows and notable bow making skills, José attracted the eye of the great Belgian bow maker, Pierre Guillaume. During his time with Guillaume, José truly refined his craft. He became known for his ability to select the perfect wood for each bow with unparalleled balance, flexibility and playability.

The partnership

We are delighted to collaborate with José Ribeiro, creating high quality fine cello, fine violin and fine viola bows.

Keep an eye on our social media pages for AMORIM&RIBEIRO updates, including the launch of our new bow collection online.