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Violins, violas and cellos

The level achieved by Luiz Amorim in the making of violins, violas and cellos is due to his investment to develop techniques to obtain the highest quality of workmanship, refined finish and sound. Qualities that are essential to meet the needs and expectations of an excellent musician.

Lately, the best and most demanding musicians think of their Luiz Amorim an unique instrument.

Luiz Amorim makes his instruments following the traditional Italian school, considering that this characteristic is fundamental for the conception of an unparelled instrument. And nothing better than a workshop in the heart of the Italian violin making school, in Cremona, to serve as an inspiration.

The violins, violas and cellos made by Luiz Amorim have a mature, powerful, deep sound with amplitude and sound balance in all registers, are easy to play, with sweet tone and rich harmonics. They are comparable to the noblest old Italian instruments.

To obtain these sound characteristics, combined with an impeccable appearance is used noble materials: traditional woods with great appearance and in exact conditions, varnishes developed in the workshop with natural ingredients and first line accessories.

Luiz makes modern and baroque violins, violas and cellos and copies identical to classic world-known authors.


Photo: Violin by Luiz Amorim, copy of Joseph Guarneri “Del Gesù” Ole Bull.

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