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Fine Instruments

Viola, Cello and violin bows Cremona

Originally founded in Brazil by globally renowned maker Luiz Amorim, the Amorim Fine Violins instrument and bow collection embodies true quality of Italian workmanship. Our luthier’s have a wealth of violin and bow making experience, using their expertise to match investors, collectors and professional musicians with the perfect bow. Our client list is comprised of international and professional performers, seeking out the Amorim Fine Violins workshop for the finest violin bows in Cremona. Akin to those by old master bow makers, each fine viola, cello or violin bow is crafted to the highest quality using techniques developed by José Ribeiro and Luiz Amorim throughout their making careers.


Esteemed luthier Luiz Amorim and fine bow maker José Ribeiro have collaborated to create AMORIM&RIBEIRO bows at the Amorim Fine Violins workshop. With a collective experience of more than 50 years in the lutherie business, AMORIM&RIBEIRO is a collection of exceptional fine violin, viola and cello bows with an unmatched quality.

José Ribeiro

Like Luiz Amorim, José is originally from Brazil. At the very beginning of his bow-making career, José was inspired by his uncle and teacher, Floriano Schaefer, infamous as one of the first Brazilian bow makers. It was in Floriano’s workshop that José began his bow making apprenticeship in 1988, working in one of the first bow-making workshops in Brazil.

It was José’s skill and high calibre bows that attracted the eye of a great Belgian bow maker, who later invited him to a partnership lasting for more than 20 years. It was during his time that José was able to truly hone his craft, whilst studying ancient French masterpieces from master violin bow makers such as Tourte and Peccate.

José has become renowned for his capabilities in selecting the perfect wood for each bow with an unparalleled balance, flexibility and playability.

The partnership

Amorim Fine Violins are delighted to collaborate with José Ribeiro, creating high quality fine cello, fine violin and fine viola bows.

About Luiz Amorim

An illustrious violin luthier and restorer, Luiz Amorim began his instrument making career in Brazil. Introducing his Brazilian flair to the Cremonese methods of violin and bow making, he is a master violin maker in Italy and well versed in the world of new making. His identical copies of instruments by world-known authors are globally revered, used by international musicians worldwide.

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