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Violin by Luiz Amorim, copy of Joseph Guarneri “del Gesù” Sainton, 1744

Alongside Ole Bull, its bold form highlights Guarneri’s late work; its expressive work shows the typical identity of ”del Gesù”. According to Biddulph, Sainton is a master violin giving the impression of a hurried maker trying to complete his final instrument while attempting to achieve a convincing acoustical and stylistic result. A pronounced kink to the lower curve of the c-bouts, especially visible from the bass side is a typical style of Guarneri’s last works.

The carving of its head and F-holes are even more hurried and shaky than the others from the same period. The Fs lean towards each other and the purfling cut and finish confirm ”del Gesù’s” exceptional work. This violin highlights his freedom of expression, as in his final works each head seems to be different from any other.

An accurately handcrafted violin, beautifully copied in every single detail of the original one. Follows the Italian craftsmanship featuring Luiz’s passions of liberty and expressiveness in a work of art.

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