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Cello by Luiz Amorim 2017, copy of Domenico Montagnana “Sleeping Beauty” 1739

Even though the original Sleeping Beauty model by Montagnana was laid unused for over a century in a castle, it shows many traces of playing and history – to be more precise, more than 400 scratches on its back, which are carefully replicated by Luiz. Shorter body length, broader width, and pronounced arching, covered by a thickly red–golden varnish – these are some characteristics that this instrument features. Elements that provide musicians to execute a musical repertoire tending towards virtuosity.

Alongside its beautiful appearance and superb artistry, this is an instrument that will complement your excellent performance in all moments and any situation. Attention-grabbing and easy to play are some attributes that this cello can provide you, not to mention its powerful sound, which gives a lot of bass support, warmth, and clarity.

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  • Category: Cellos
  • Owner: Daniel Müller-Schott
  • Date: 2017