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Instruments handmade in Cremona, Italy

Fine stringed instruments, handmade by Luiz Amorim. After beginning his making career in 1995, Luiz has been perfecting his craft ever since. Luiz Amorim instruments are the result of countless hours spent mastering his technique, focusing on achieving the highest quality of workmanship, with a refined finish and sound. Owned by some of the world’s most renowned and demanding musicians, Luiz Amorim’s pieces follow the traditional Italian school, made in the inspiring surroundings of Cremona.

Violins, violas and cellos by Luiz Amorim

Instruments made by Luiz Amorim have a mature, powerful, deep sound with amplitude and sound balance in all registers. They are a joy to play, with sweet tone and rich harmonics, and are comparable to the noblest old Italian instruments.

To obtain these sound characteristics, the finest materials are used: woods chosen for their resonance and beautilful appearance, and varnishes developed in the workshop with natural ingredients and first line accessories.


Instruments made by Luiz Amorim

Express yourself in your entirety with a Luiz Amorim instrument

30-day Trial

In compliance with our sales policy for instruments made by Luiz Amorim, the buyer will be able to try the instrument for a period of one month after delivery. In case that the customer is not satisfied with the product, we guarantee the return of the full amount paid or the exchange for another instrument made by Luiz Amorim, at the time of availability. The instrument must be in the same condition as it was at the time it was purchased.


We believe in the quality of the instruments we make and provide clients with a 1-year guarantee against failures and deficiency of making and adjustments.

Exchange Policy

We like to build long and lasting relationships with our clients and guarantee the repurchase of the instrument for the same value acquired, in case of an exchange for another instrument of greater value. For details of our collection, please get in touch.