Violin by Matteo Goffriller, Venice, c. 1720


Christopher Reuning

Eric Blot (available for purchase upon request)

Dendrochronology report: 

Peter Ratcliff, London (Jan 15, 2015) Dates the youngest ring of bass and treble sides as respectively 1717 and 1712 (Written report available for purchase upon request)

Head by Vincenzo Rugeri

Matteo Goffriller

Matteo Goffriller (c. 1659-1742) is considered to be the father of the Venetian school. After inheriting his father-in-law – Mathias Kaiser’s business, he dominated the Venetian violin making trade, influencing all of the prominent early 18th-century Venetian makers. 


  • Category: Violins
  • Author: Matteo Goffriller
  • Country: Italy
  • Date: 1720