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Violin by Enrico Marchetti, Cuorgnè, 1898

A beautiful two-piece back violin with open flames. Its unique characteristics highlight Marchetti’s excellent craftsmanship – the very inclined Fs, perfectly fitted on the curve of level and the edges, quite thick for a violin, bring the beautiful bold aspect of its appearance. The arching is strong in the center but ends very smoothly at the edges. The scroll follows a particular pattern, with a very smooth and flat carving.

The F wings are well carved deep and pronounced from the beginning. The purfling encounter is quite expressive, following a very pronounced meeting on the corners, with a long extension. The varnish is very thick, and it shows a thin craquelure that extends over a good part of the instrument. A stunning golden brown color, with smooth and delicate patina on the entire instrument.

Enrico Marchetti (1855 – 1930)

He started his apprenticeship early in life at the age of 14, with one of Milan’s last traditional violin makers. In 1874 he arrived in Turin – in that time, a city well renowned for violin makers due to the heritage left by G.B. Guadagnini. Marchetti started working as a dealer for Gioffredo-Rinaldi, but only after a few years, did he establish his roots as a violin maker rather than a dealer. The competition-free environment in Turin during the 1880s let Marchetti rise, participating in several exhibitions and competitions locally and internationally – achieving 18 medals throughout his whole career. 

After inspiring a young group of violin makers, Marchetti moved to Courgnè. At this point, he could concentrate exclusively on his fine production. The strengthening of demand and the desire for master Piedmontese makers made Enrico come back to Turin in 1912 – at this time, Turin had turned into one of the busiest centers of fine instrument making. It is possible to see his Italian character printed in his work, mainly during his late period. His work from the 1880s to the 1900s are the ones that earned him his awards; they feature the free Italian style combined with the attention to details applied while making.

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  • Category: Violins
  • Author: Enrico Marchetti
  • Country: Italy
  • Date: 1898