Violin by Giovanni Battista Ceruti, Cremona, c. 1795

Certificate of Authenticity: Eric Blot.

Dendrochronology Report: Peter Ratcliff.


Giovanni Battista Ceruti, traditionally believed to have been a student of Storioni, was born just outside Cremona in the town of Sesto. He moved to Cremona in 1786 and entered the violin making trade about ten years later, probably after becoming acquainted with the Bergonzi brothers Carlo II and Nicola. Storioni left Cremona in 1802, at which point Ceruti may have taken over his workshop. In any case, Ceruti made the most of Storioni’s absence by producing a significant number of instruments, which are of somewhat ordinary materials but surpass Storioni’s work in precision and craftsmanship. Along with Storioni, Ceruti and his descendants are recognized for their role in reviving the Cremonese tradition, which they dominated over three generations. Giovanni Battista died in 1817, probably of typhus, and his son Giuseppe Antonio and grandson Enrico continued the family legacy of violin making.


  • Category: Violins
  • Author: Giovanni Battista Ceruti
  • Country: Italy
  • Date: c. 1795