Introducing: Il Cannone Giramondo

7 June 53

A copy of Paganini’s violin with signatures of the most sought-after violinists of nowadays to be auctioned for a social cause.

Giramondo = globetrotter – yes, this violin will literally travel around the world! This time not for concerts, but to collect the signature of the most sought-after violinists of today!

The Project

With the help of these fantastic musicians, we want to bring awareness to a social cause. This cause deserves our attention and needs our support to keep transforming the lives of many vulnerable kids and teenagers from Brazil. They live in favelas, where people lack access to basic needs and socioeconomic services, in a reality where music is not even a choice for their lives. But Instituto Baccarelli changes that through the educational power of art and contributes to social development and offers students the opportunity for musical professionalization.

The Institute is in constant need of support and donations, but now with the pandemic, this is even more urgent since all the resources are now being redirected to acquiring food for the families.

Il Cannone Giramondo, after signed, will be auctioned, and all of its profit will be donated to Instituto Baccarelli.

The first one will be the ambassador of this project, Francesca Dego! It will happen here at our workshop in Cremona next month! She will play on it before we open and collect her signature. Follow us on Instagram to keep posted on the journey of this violin throughout this year and see all of this happening!

Find out more about the making of Il Cannone.