Luiz Amorim: The challenges of antiquing an instrument

21 June 949


Luiz Amorim’s instruments are in high demand all over the world as his reputation as a luthier grows globally. We asked Luiz for his thoughts on antiquing a modern violin and the challenge for modern day luthiers to try and capture the classic look of the old instruments in their new violins, violas and cellos.  

“An instrument is like a blank canvas on which I can express my artistic flair as a maker,” said Luiz.

“I transform this canvas, filling it with tool marks, varnish wears, scratches and dirt. A new instrument also has its beauty, but for me it lacks the detail that make old instruments so visually attractive. Reproducing the visual of an old instrument is not simple and needs a trained eye and constant observation of old instruments.

“Making convincing copies requires you to know how the natural wearing process works. It is only then that it is possible to find the right tools for the reproduction. What I expect to see in a copy that has a real feeling is the depth, texture and patina that is naturally seen in classical instruments.”