The Amorim Masterclasses

13 October 792

We are delighted to announce we’ll be holding our first Masterclass at our workshop in Cremona with Daniel Stabrawa, the former 1st Concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. From November 26th to the 28th.

This course teaches you the key aspects of auditioning for the position of Concertmaster by combining the study of the usual repertoire with honing the special skills necessary for playing in an ensemble. 

Daniel Stabrawa was the first violinist in the Berlin Philharmonic for three years before becoming one of the three First Konzertmeister. Recently he has been announced as Deputy Chairman of the Jury at the renowned Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition.

And what about the course?

The Masterclass will allow you to improve those skills on excerpts required at any concertmaster audition. It will be 3 days of an amazing experience in the city that gave birth to the Violin! 

Not only will work be done on the most common audition excerpts, but audition situations will also be simulated in front of the instructor and other participants, in order to provide audition experience and help combat nervousness and excitement.

Repertoire to be prepared (3 excerpts)

  1. Beethoven – Missa Solemnis -Benedictus
  2. Brahms – 1st Sinfonie 2nd Movement
  3. Bach – Erbarme Dich
  4. Strauss – Ein Heldenleben
  5. Strauss – Bürger als Edelmann
  6. Strauss – Also sprach Zarathustra
  7. Rimski – Korsakow Scheherazade
  8. Schostakowitsch – 5th Sinfonie
  9. Tschaikowski – Schwanensee
  10. Mahler – 4th Sinfonie 2nd Movement (Scordatura)

If you would like to participate or to know more details about this upcoming masterclass, please click on the button below:

Daniel Stabrawa Masterclass

The Amorim Masterclasses are coming!

With the intention of bringing workshops that aim to develop world-class musicians through improved technical, musical, and artistic skills. We introduce you to Amorim Masterclasses! 

The project was born from our love for music and a deep appreciation of the spirit that lives in each instrument, we believe that everyone deserves access to great musical education.

Under the guidance of world-class musicians, you will use all your senses in order to break down the barriers between you and the music. It is aimed at musicians who love to learn independently, to help them develop their art. Accelerate your career as a musician with top industry professionals.