The craftsmanship of a handmade violin will amaze you

Workshop Insights
7 April 58
Thinking about buying a violin? Learn about the advantages of buying an individualized crafted, handmade violin over a large-scale produced one.

There are two types of violins: handmade violin and large-scale produced one. The first time you see a handmade violin is an experience you won’t know what to expect. It’s usually not expected that such a distinctive type of instrument can be made by hand. The craftsmanship is so clear in each detail that it produces a beautiful sound, unlike any other violin. With each string that gets tightened, the wood vibrates and the contours deepen into a work of art.

Have you ever considered buying an individualized crafted violin? There are a number of reasons why you should invest in a handmade violin. In today’s article, I will try to shed some light on these to help you decide when it comes time to choose an instrument.

The craftsmanship and expertise of a handmade violin will amaze you.

Experienced craftspeople know what piece of wood is best for each violin. When the luthier makes your violin, he has a reason for everything he does. It’s a timeless treasure.

It requires immense skill and precision. A handmade violin is a carefully crafted instrument with a distinct personality that no factory-made violin will ever be able to mimic. Handmade violins are definitely better because of the craftsmanship and expertise they take to build.

The feel of a handmade violin in the store is incomparable to a large-scale produced one.

You get to know the maker, and he gets to know you. No one else will likely have your violin. It is not just about the violin but also about the journey.  One of the best things about a handmade violin is that it is unique. A handmade violin is not like any other one you have seen before and it can be considered a masterpiece for so many reasons.

A poorly made violin can really turn your playing experience sour. On the other hand, a handmade violin is truly amazing: it’s precise, well-crafted, and gives you an instrument from which you can learn and achieve all of your musical needs.

You know that you are supporting local communities across the world.

Buying from a local maker provides you with both amazing quality and service that mass-produced products can’t match. Craftsmanship is an integral part of violin making. By buying a handmade instrument, you’re supporting a craftsperson as he or she labors over each part of the instrument.

All of us are familiar with the motto – ‘Support Local Businesses’ – but we rarely follow it. Today, it’s pretty natural for us to go out and buy products from big international companies that we never interacted with before, instead of helping artisans. When you go to buy a violin make sure you’re helping someone live their dream of crafting quality handmade violins.

A handmade violin will appreciate in value over time.

Handcrafted violins are more valuable and have unique features than large-scale produced ones. There is no denying that owning a handmade violin, having it meticulously crafted just for you by the hands of experts, will not only be an investment into your musical endeavors but a work of art as well.

The value of a handmade instrument is dependent on how known the maker is as well as the level of skill of the maker. Since handmade violins are rare because it takes a long time to make them, they will always be valuable. To be clear, a well looked after and maintained violin can hold its value and increase over time, while at the same time, you are enjoying playing it also.

Handmade violins are more expensive because they are made by hand and with great expertise and care. Handmade violins possess unique characteristics due to the individuality of their design that is not seen in any other instruments.

There are many benefits to buying an individualized crafted violin-like: quality, craftsmanship, individualism, success story, and more

The advantages of buying an individualized handmade violin are pretty obvious, and if you’re a musician and require quality sound, then you’d most likely want to stick with the unique, handcrafted instruments.

If you’re considering buying a violin, you should definitely consider buying handmade. Anyone who has ever played both handmade and large-scale produced violins can say that they make a noticeable difference in sound and feel.

One of our favorite models to make is a copy of Paganini Cannone violin by ‘del Gesù’. if you are also a big fan of this model, read our blog about the details of its making! Moreover, follow us on our Facebook, and Instagram pages and learn more about the art of violin making.